GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y de Software, S.A.

Paseo García Faria 17
08005 Barcelona
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GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y de Software, S.A.

Servicios que realiza la empresa

  • GTD System & Software Engineering is a technological company which offers tailor made solutions in several fields related with space, aerial and maritime transport and digital security.

  • Space engineering: GTD provide all kind of Aerospace engineering solutions. From the development and incorporation of critical systems, solutions for command and control centres, tracking systems to all kind of on-board software to ensure the success of every operation.

  • Aeronautical engineering: Software and technological solutions for all types of aircraft, mission systems, training systems and equipment civil and military divisions and eWAS (Meteorological risk prevention systems for flights in real-time).

  • Maritime engineering: Technological solutions to optimise maritime navigation, improve port safety and automate processes. Specific software and ICT solutions for:

  • --- Consignee management
  • --- Terminal and handling
  • --- Shipment control
  • --- Administrative requirements

  • Green energy ICT: Design and implementation of instrumentation to control and supervise in different areas of renewable energies related with electricity, gas and water solutions.

  • Scientific facilities for laboratories: High-criticality control and supervision solutions for Scientific Laboratories and Research Centres and radio telescope, particle accelerator and nuclear fusion solutions and consultancy.

  • Security: Development of integrated, modular solutions intended for the protection of persons, sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

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  • GTD System & Software Engineering


  • Aerospace Technological Solutions

  • Ground Segment:

  • --- Command&Control
  • --- Data Centers for Earth Observation
  • --- Measurement systems
  • --- Control Centers
  • --- Applications of Earth Observation
  • --- Maintenance outsourcing

  • On-board Segment:

  • --- Onboard Software for Space Transportation
  • --- Onboard Software for Spacecrafts
  • --- Avionics Studies
  • --- Simulators and Validation Facilities
  • --- Ground Support Equipments
  • --- Independent SW Verification and Validation

Especialistas en

  • GTD System & Software Engineering are mainly focused on the Aerospace & Defense and Aeronautics technological tailor made solutions. We provide software for all types of aircraft, mission systems, training systems and equipment.

Principales clientes

Industria marítima, aeronáutica, energía,



GTD Ingeniería de Sistemas y de Software, S.A.
Paseo García Faria 17 08005, Barcelona, Barcelona, España
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